Top 3 Global Bank

Making sense of chaos with AI






Most projects begin with a straightforward request from the client. In this instance, a top global bank sought to evaluate the application of Machine Learning within their Mexican operations. We approached the project with an open mind and a keen eagerness to delve into the complexities of their system. Our discussions with various executives in the cooperative banking division—where multinational corporations like Samsung, Apple, and Corona manage their funds—revealed emerging themes. Despite being a leading bank in the country, they were losing ground to competitors who were enticing away customers with better short-term returns.

The level of concern among the executives was palpable, a rare departure from their typically composed demeanor. They were particularly worried about smaller banks that were siphoning off clients by offering superior returns, even if just for a few days—a critical factor during the end-of-month financial snapshots used in marketing to attract more clients by boasting, "Our bank manages the funds of the largest corporations in the country."

One significant challenge was the lack of detailed data on the flow of funds between companies and their subsidiaries. Our client knew the destination banks for the funds but couldn't distinguish whether these were routine payments or strategic internal transfers motivated by better financial yields. This ambiguity was compounded by messy data, where even identifying the beneficiary was a struggle.

To address this, we employed fuzzy matching techniques to better map the beneficiaries. We needed to determine whether these were inter-company transfers within a corporate group or external payments. We also explored whether the involved companies were existing customers and looked for patterns in their transaction behaviors.

This deep analysis not only broadened our understanding but also enabled us to classify transactions as 'worrisome'—those that required immediate attention and defensive engagement with the client—or as internal group transfers, which presented opportunities for upselling services or offering discounts through consolidation with our client's bank.

The project culminated successfully, enhancing our client's strategic response capabilities and positioning them more favorably in a competitive market.

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