With 8 years of experience building  tailored software used by thousands of users, our team can build the path to a more efficient, productive business.



Experienced Innovators

Seasoned innovators with a wealth of experience and a proven track record of transforming visionary ideas into products.


Building requires focus. To ensure we are proud of our results, we cap the number of customers we can service simultaneously.

Startup Culture

A sense of urgency is at the heart of Hashed. We foster an environment of agility and results, enabling you to stay ahead.

Execution is everything

Executing an idea takes focus and craftsmanship. Our goal is to build long term relationships with highly successful companies. At Hashed, we recognize we can’t deliver the outcomes we want with a high volume of projects. That’s why we focus on a maximum of 10 active partners. Let's build together.

It was a pleasure working with AAGENCI on a design project, and I must say that the experience exceeded all my expectations.

man with beard avatar
Jacob Black

"I couldn't be happier with the results of our collaboration with AAGENCI. They took our vision and brought it to life.

woman avatar
Maria Smith

I was blown away by AAGENCI's creativity in creating a memorable brand identity for my startup. Their design work has helped us stand out.

avatar man
Davis Jones

Hashed continues to play a pivotal role after four yeats. They've built precise smart contracts, engaging UIs, and provided invaluable guidance.
We highly recommend them as development partners.

John Wotherspoon
BennyFi Co-Founder

Hashed is part of our origin story. Together we built an international application that touches over $3B in private capital.

Connor Irish

Innovative solutions and excellent service. Hashed made a real difference for us. We'll continue working with them.

Jun Dam
CEO of Bitcash

Our machine learning project revealed a potential revenue loss of $12 million USD. With the expertise and support of Hashed, we enhanced our competitive edge and significantly improved customer retention.

VP Analytics
Global Bank

The value of Hashed isn't just that they are smart - they have a fire in their gut for the technology and ecosystem, which makes all the difference in a programming team. We never have to worry about them staying up-to-date on the latest efficiencies and processes.

Louise W. Reed

I am grateful for the team's efforts over the years: transforming our platform, smooth collaboration, and expert support. Highly recommended partner.

Alex Tollefsen



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Smart Vaults

Samrt Bitcoin wallet wtih taproot miniscript

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DAO platform for regenerative projects

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

Where are you based?

In Mexico and USA. Being a short flight away and in the same time zone greatly improves collaboration.

What’s your QA process?

We automate testing and have a dedicated QA team.

How do you keep my IP safe?

We prioritize confidentiality and security using secure channels, NDAs, and best practice cybersecurity measures.

Can you adapt to my workflows?

Yes, we're flexible and can integrate into your existing workflows and tools.

My requirements are evolving

We use agile methodology to adapt to changing project requirements and business needs.

How do I start?

To start a project, contact us to assess your needs.

What’s the cost?

We offer high value and high quality work, leveraging lower living costs without time zone issues.

How quickly can we start?

Projects typically start between 1-2 weeks after contract signing.

Can I talk to your customers?

Absolutely, we are happy to provide references.

Where should you start

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When approaching custom software solutions, it's important to choose a software development agency that has the processes, tools, experience, and internal culture to make your software project a success.



We select an expert team to help you deliver your goals



Our team partners with you to effectively shape your business idea



We ensure that your project has the tools and processes needed to succeed



We work with you to successfully create a game-changing software product

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Our design agency offers innovative solutions that captivate customers, drive engagement and get results.

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