Pledge the Yield, not the Principal







Feb 22, 2024

Pooling in modern finance facilitates deposit aggregation, yield generation, and returns distribution. Traditional pooling systems face challenges like principal risk and restricted access. BennyFi™, a decentralized Pooling Platform as a Service (PPaaS), addresses these issues.

Solution and Collaboration

BennyFi™ partners with Hashed to introduce PledgePool, a project funding platform. PledgePool utilizes staking rewards as its primary capital source, driving blockchain value and fostering growth.

Key Components:

- Staking Rewards as Capital: PledgePool uses staking rewards as its primary funding source. Participants stake tokens into PledgePool pools for a specific period to support a project.

- Supporting Beneficiaries: Beneficiaries are the recipients of staking rewards, determined by the pool's distribution settings. To qualify, they must stake BENY tokens and undergo a review process to ensure their commitment and integrity.

- Pool Managers: These are the architects of project donation pools. They're responsible for setting up pools, managing operations, and ensuring governance through the BennyFi DAO. Pool Managers earn rewards based on their performance in creating successful pools.

- Participant Engagement: Participants are token holders who contribute staking yields to projects. By staking tokens in a pool, they receive rewards or token distributions based on the pool's terms. Participants can elevate their involvement by staking more BENY tokens, potentially advancing to Beneficiary or Pool Manager status.


PledgePool has facilitated over $20 billion in annual yield-based funding, completing 150+ projects with 1100+ pools. It has welcomed over 4000 unbanked participants into the financial ecosystem, driving inclusivity.


BennyFi™ and PledgePool redefine project funding and pooling, fostering financial inclusivity and empowerment. Their collaboration signifies dedication to innovation, leading the way towards a more inclusive financial landscape.

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